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Thread: Time in attack planner

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    Default Time in attack planner

    I just now see a time difference between real server time and the attack planner. Everytime I add a new attack, I have 2 hours diffence with my real time.

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    I'm not familiar with the attack planner, I don't use or like it. The time displayed is the scheduled arrival time? So the game might input 2 hours by default because you can't really land the minute you launch? Just a thought.
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    Who does know?

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    god,the product manager and maybe the dev who implemented it ^^
    they most likely assumed that nobody would plan an attack that starts in the next 20 min so they set it to 2 hours and even when you want to plan an attack that soon you still can change the time, so its a design decision and not a bug

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    A couple of possibilities pop to mind, though I've never used the planner myself.

    1. The planner is using a different time zone to the one you have set on Grep or your computer.

    2. The planner looks like it inputs the coordinates for a village. This is less accurate than setting the attack on a village and looking at the run time and arrival time. Could be up to 2 hours I guess.

    I've just realised there is a third option...that I have no idea.

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    What I dislike about the attack planner is the no matter what time I put in there as an arrival time, when I save it it saves a completely different time to arrive, so chance are I won't be using that, they should just get rid of it because its garbage. NOW, lets say they wanted to upgrade it a little more make it possible to actually control when you want it to arrive and be able to pre launch attacks!
    what I mean by pre-launch attacks is this, once you have your attack planner looking the way you want for a specific target but it is still too soon for you to launch attack, you could still hit an auto attack button that would launch those attacks for you if you were not there to launch at the right time!

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    We are aware of the time issue. As for the automated attack feature, that will likely not be implemented.

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