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Thread: New World "Rise of Heroes"

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    Population New World "Rise of Heroes"

    Dear community,

    Starting today, 28th June 2013, the Public Beta Testing of the Heroes begins. For this reason, the registrations to the Warrior World (zz3) have just been closed and a new world "Rise of Heroes" has been open.

    Settings for world "Rise of Heroes" are:
    • World Speed: 3;
    • Unit Speed: 3;
    • Trade Speed: 3;
    • Alliance Cap: 50;
    • Beginners Protection: 1 day;
    • Morale: disabled;
    • Conquest System: revolt.

    Beware: each player starts with 5 towns partly built.

    As usual, if you happen to notice any bug on the Beta World, please use the in-game Bug Report function at the top center on your screen.

    In order to gather your feedback from the Beta Test of the Heroes, we will create two surveys for those who are testing on our beta world soon. The first survey will be very short and is meant to collect your first impressions, the second survey will be more elaborate on the functionality on the Hero feature itself.

    We wish you a lot of fun testing the Heroes! Feel free to discuss the feature itself on this forum as well!

    Best regards,
    Your Grepolis Team
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