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    1)I have question about farming village mood:
    You see, it says "low village mood can lead to losse of village control"!
    So what does this icon mean?

    Becouse it does not take village mood, I refreshed, nothing changed in village mood, waited 30 min for next looting still nothing changed!

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    Ok it seams only first looting does not take mood

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    This is a Grepolis 2.0 feature. Earlier versions have a different farming system.

    Every time you try to take more resources than the villagers are ready to give you, they become a little annoyed with you. If their annoyance develops into anger, they might want to fight back. They can resist your demands whenever the mood is below 75%. You will also notice that the icon with the villagers portrayed changes. If they are smiling, you are safe. If they don't look happy to see you, consider giving them cool off a little before looting them again.

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    I have a question about that...

    If you have 2 Citys on one island, in one you've researched Diplomacy, in the other one you've not, when will the Farming Village defend itself ?

    I have this situation on one island, and if I look in the farming village from my city where Diplomacy is researched the people are loughing, but when I look in the same farming village from my other city, where diplomacy isn't researched, the people look kinda sad...

    I hope you understand my question and can help me :)


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    well, it should be like this when you demand while there smile nothing happens, when there look sad than there is a chance that they start to revolt when you demand or loot the chance increase the lower the mood gets and when you loot while there still smile and the moods goes down to far they can also start a revolt at least i had some revolts when i looted on 85% to 75%

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    There's a chance they will rebel when the mood is below 75%. With Diplomacy researched, this drops to 60%.

    Research only applies to the city it is studied in. Be careful not to use the wrong city when the mood is below 75%.

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    With diplomacy researched, I've already had a revolt a few times after fully looting at about 71% mood. There's a bit of randomness involved: All 6 farms at 71%, full loot on all of them at the same time --> 2 of the farms went into revolt, the other 4 didn't. So the best bet is to make sure the mood doesn't go under 60% after looting (80% without diplomacy researched).

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